Pisgah - Randy Baltzell
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Composed, Arranged, Performed & Recorded by Randy Baltzell


My Compositions:

While trumpet is my primary instrument and I feature it on many of my compostions, there is much more to my music than trumpet. Sometimes layers of trumpet tracks may be in the background to add a richer sound to the track, or may not even be used at all.  


Most of my songs originate on piano and develop from there. I try to use a wide variety of instrumentation to express my ideas, and usually, the finished song ends up quite different than how it started.  I'm always working to experiment with new ideas to portray the message of my music.  I believe there is Magic in Music of the heart.


Thank you  for visiting my site! Please enjoy these music samples, and feel free to leave me feedback  if you wish.

Keep Checking back, my projects will be available to download SOON! 

First Light - Randy Baltzell
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Original Songs

Embers by Starlight - Randy Baltzell
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Remember The Moments - Randy Baltzell
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Tall Timber - Randy Baltzell
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Sun On The River - Randy Baltzell
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Desert Sky - Randy Baltzell
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